The Farmers Market

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1.5 oz vodka (Try Glacier Potato Vodka from Idaho) Gin or tequila would also be lovely in this drink.

2-3 ‘Mexican Sour Gherkin’ cucumbers or regular cucumbers

1-2 stalks ‘Red Venture’ celery

2-3 sprigs cilantro or basil

2-3 slices small spicy or mild peppers

6 cherry tomatoes or 1-2 slices large tomato

Dash of Worcestershire sauce (try Annie’s for a vegetarian version)

3-4 oz Q or Fever Tree tonic water


Reserve a celery stalk, cherry tomato, or cucumber for garnish.  Combine all ingredients excep the tonic water in a cocktail shaker and gently crush the vegetables and herbs, making sure to release the tomato juice.  Shake with ice and strain into a tumbler filled with ice.  Top with tonic water and add garnish.

You can find this recipe at the very end of The Drunken Botanist under the name Blushing Mary, because it’s such a much better tomato drink than a Bloody Mary. But I was describing the drink to someone recently and said that it tasted like a farmers market in a glass, and decided I liked that name better.  So here it is, The Farmers Market!

Here’s a video about the Farmer’s Market cocktail: