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Posted on Jan 6, 2013 in Plant This | Comments Off on Pomegranate

Growing a pomegranate tree just so you can make your own grenadine may sound like a completely crazy idea, but there actually are dwarf varieties that could be nursed along in a large container and sheltered through the winter. ‘Nana’ reaches only two or 3 feet tall, and ‘State Fair’ gets to 5 feet. They can actually tolerate winter temperatures as low as about 10°F, but a tree in a container should come indoors when nighttime temperatures are routinely below 40°. You may be thinking that this is an awful lot of trouble for a batch of grenadine, and you’d probably be right. The...

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My Love is a Red, Red Cocktail

Posted on Feb 13, 2012 in Featured, Recipes | 4 comments

I know, I know.  Valentine’s Day!  Ick. Heart-shaped boxes of chocolate lined with those weird paper doilies, a card that plays a song—who does that, anyway? It’s a strange holiday. Single people hate it or ignore it, happy old married couples don’t need it, and anyone in a new, untested relationship approaches it with terror. What’s needed is a smaller, more thoughtful, and more elegant gesture.  I’m thinking a sexy red drink, one that you can make for your beloved or—what the hell?  For your friends.  Or just for yourself.  One fabulous flaming red drink in the middle of...

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Grenadine: If There’s an Easy Way to Juice a Pomegranate, I Don’t Know What It Is.

Posted on Jan 13, 2012 in Featured, Make This, Recipes | 3 comments

This time last year, I made a little homemade grenadine during pomegranate season.  We had a party shortly after that in which we mixed up Pink Lady cocktails according to this recipe in Imbibe magazine. The drinks were a hit–and although we hadn’t been using grenadine around the house before that, we definitely put it into heavy rotation after the party. Then we ran out. By that time, pomegranates were out of season.  We tried buying grenadine at the liquor store, and we tried making our own using bottled pomegranate juice.  Neither were remotely as good as the homemade...

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