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Posted on Jan 6, 2013 in Plant This | 1 comment

Pineapple? That’s crazy! It is crazy to grow a pineapple, but I know that somebody out there wants to do it. If the authors of Growing Tasty Tropical Plants are to be believed, you can start one in a pot by simply taking the green top of a pineapple you buy at the grocery store and planting it so that the base is covered by about an inch of soil. Pineapples need lots of light and warmth, so this is definitely a summer project. Once the plant has produced plenty of leaves and looks like it’s about ready to fruit, there’s a weird trick you can do to move things along. Take a slice of...

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Agave Piña

Posted on Jan 6, 2013 in Drink This, Recipes | Comments Off on Agave Piña

1.5 oz 100% agave tequila 2 oz pineapple juice (fresh if possible) .5 oz agave nectar or simple syrup 2-3 fresh jalapeño slices 2-3 sage leaves ½ small lime Optional:  Club soda or lemon-lime soda Squeeze lime into cocktail shaker and add other ingredients.  Muddle sage leaves and peppers to release the flavors.  Shake well over ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Optional variation:  Pour into a tall, skinny Collins glass over ice and top with soda to taste.  

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Summer. Punch. That is All.

Posted on Jun 26, 2012 in Featured, Recipes | Comments Off on Summer. Punch. That is All.

So. Summer is here, more or less, and that means that you need to break out the punches. Not that dreadful stuff made with Sprite and sherbet and the worst possible vodka, but a nicely-made, Victorian-style punch, served in that punchbowl you never get to use, or a repurposed pickle jar, or whatever other sort of urn you happen to have around. If you don’t have the matching glasses that once came with your punchbowl, teacups make a weird and elegant substitute, as do Mason jars. I have been in Portland for a couple months for a writer-in-residency sort of affair with Portland State...

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