Sweet Potato Syrup? I’m In!

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Oh….this takes some work, but I have a feeling it’s well worth the effort.  From the always clever and enterprising people at CLASS Magazine comes this video on the creation of an Old-Fashioned variation made with sweet potato syrup.  You’ve got to make it ahead, so don’t leave this for the last minute–and have some friends over, because once you’ve made up a batch of the stuff, you’ll want to use it all!   (I suspect it would keep in the freezer, but invite some friends over anyway.

Go here to read all about it and watch the DIY video.  (and don’t believe that stuff about the yam, by the way. A true yam is a starchy root in the Dioscoreagenus, from Africa and almost never sold in the United States.  We Americans like to call the dark orange kind of sweet potato a yam, and the lighter, almost white-fleshed sweet potato a sweet potato, but they are simply different cultivars of Ipomoea batatas. ‘Beauregard,’ for instance, is a popular orange-fleshed cultivar grown commercially, and ‘Frazier White’ is a white-fleshed cultivar. Both are sweet potatoes.)

Okay, that was too much information, wasn’t it?  Go make a drink.