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Wild, European hedgerow plums are making a comeback in the cocktail world.  Averell Damson Gin, made from a blue damson plum like Blues Jam, is a fantastic cocktail ingredient and a very good dessert liqueur all by itself.  Greenhook Ginsmiths in Brooklyn is making a Beach Plum Gin using Long Island beach plums, probably Prunus maritima.  In addition to damsons, Europeans make liqueur from mirabelle and gage plums, all of which are available stateside as well. Don’t expect the large, sweet plums we eat in California:  these are smaller, more tart, and just perfect for soaking in booze. Oh, and if you haven’t had plum eau-de-vie, check out Clear Creek Distillery’s incredible Blue Plum Brandy, also called slivovitz. Forget whatever you once believed about slivovitz and just go drink some of this.  You can thank me later.

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