Niki Jabbour’s Inspired Cocktail Garden Idea

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Who cares if it’s February?  I want my basil mojito and I want it now.   Niki Jabbour, author of a new book called The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener, offers these two brilliant bartender-inspired ideas for sheltering herbs and any other tender young green thing.  Modeled after the classic Victorian glass cloche or bell jar, these repurposed wine glasses do the job perfectly, creating a miniature greenhouse that keeps the plant warm and protected from the elements.

And for larger plants:  the punch bowl!  Brilliant.


photos courtesy of Joseph De Sciose and The Year Round Vegetable Gardener.


  1. Now to scour the local thrift shops for some large glasses and bowls to use in the garden! Thanks for the idea …

  2. don’t you want stuff that say 2013? Most of these were printed
    not too long ago for 2012..