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Peppery flavor, pretty flower, a good garnish if you’ve got room in the glass.  It’s ridiculously easy to grow from seed, and you get more interesting varieties that way.  Just give them good rich potting soil, moderate water, and cut them back if they get too leggy.   This is an annual; the first frost will kill them off and you can start a new batch the following spring. If you’re short on space, look for mounding as opposed to climbing/trailing cultivars. Territorial offers lots of options; I like the dramatic ‘Night and Day.’


  1. They grow like weeds in San Francisco, which suggests that they do fine in moist, cool, overcast conditions.

  2. I love Nasties! When we lived in WA. state, I ringed my vegetable garden with them. Two years later, no slugs. I even tempted the slugs with marigolds (which they’ll eat to the ground over night.) No slugs.
    Alas I live in the CA. Central Valley now and Nasties struggle here. I do have some blooming now as we haven’t had a good killing frost.