Gardeners Who Drink, Drinkers Who Garden

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Turns out Martha loves them both.  Two of my favorite gardeners-who-drink are featured in Martha Stewart’s March issue:  the brilliant Ivette Soler of Germinatrix  (also author of a very hot book, The Edible Front Yard), and Marie Viljoen of 66 Square Feet, the Manhattan garden blog through which I live out my New York fantasies. New to me in this issue are Lee Clippard and John Stott of The Grackle.

They all offer up their garden-inspired drinks–serviceberry!  Lemon verbena!  Heirloom tomatoes! –and by the time the issue hits the stands, I will be ready to plant all of that.  Wait–I’ve already got the lemon verbena.  Gin?  Check.  Dry sparkling wine?  But of course.  That does it–I’m outta here–

While I’m mixing that drink, you can meet all three of them here and read their recipes.

That martini on a pitchfork, by the way, includes a bottle of No.3 London Dry Gin that lasted no time at all in my house, atop an actual hand-forged English gardening tool from Clarington Forge. We aim for authenticity…


  1. Thank you, Amy! Drop by for a cold one next time you’re in town…we’ll scrub the silvertop for you.

  2. Nice to meet you, Amy… I just started keeping an eye on the Cocktail Hour at GR, and am happy to see the new website.

    Here’s my contribution to your collection: Fruits of No Labor… Enjoy! (Equally good, if not better, with chokecherry; an acquired taste with elderberry.)

  3. Lemon verbena simple syrup, yes please!!

  4. Sounds tremendous. I hope there’s some love left over for gardeners who homebrew. I’m still at a hobbyist level, but man, ginger beer flavored with hibiscus and fennel and bittered with wormwood is phenomenal. And the spent mash is magic for the compost heap.

  5. Does gardening lead to drinking – or visa versa? Thank you for an additional reason to plant a lemon verbena plant amongst the lavender in the herb part of our Urban Farm project in London. Aside from the fact that I thought it would be aesthetically pleasing; and the mixture of smells enticing – I completely agree that cocktail concoction should be a part of a long and fruitful day at the farm.

  6. Having linked through 3 other websites to get here, I’m glad I did…great content and I was on board just with the blog title! I’m picking up “Wicked Plants” through Amazon.