Enough Already

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Here’s what I’ve been drinking this summer. I don’t know if this drink has a name; it’s just something I mixed up one night when I wanted something a bit drier than Lillet but not quite as strong as a Martini. It contains several dozen herbs, spices, and fruits, all blended together in complicated infusions and extractions on strange equipment in a foreign land–but all you have to do is buy two bottles and mix them together. The Lillet will keep about a month in the fridge after you open it, and if you can’t get G’vine (a lovely French gin made from a grape spirit similar to that found in Lillet) use Tanqueray instead. Here, I’ll make up a name for it:

Enough Already

3 oz Lillet blanc

1 oz G’vine Floraison gin

Lemon peel for garnish

Shake and pour into a short rocks glass with ice. Add more gin if you feel like it. Drop in a lemon peel. Drink.

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  1. My new favorite summer refreshment….especially flavorful after the ice melts a bit. Bravo, Amy Stewart!