A Summer Drink in February. Because I Refuse to Wait.

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Frozen berries. Mint.  Lime.  Rum.  Not exactly a February drink.  And yet I could not resist.

I told my cousin Helen that I’d make a special drink for her birthday when I was in Texas last week. But as it happened, she couldn’t make the drive from Austin to Dallas, which is understandable, what with her having a job and responsibilities and all.  So Helen, this is the drink I didn’t make for your birthday.  I should have just gone ahead and made the drink for the rest of the family, but time was short and I just didn’t get around to the liquor store and the grocery store.

This one is ridiculously easy to make, though, so even though the moment has passed, we can all make it ourselves. You hardly need any instructions–the picture more or less says it all.

Champagne Mojito for Helen’s Birthday

1.5 oz white rum (I used 10 Cane)

1 oz simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water, brought to a boil and allowed to cool. Just use the microwave and stick it in the freezer for a few minutes.)

.75 oz fresh lime juice (about half a lime)

Fresh spearmint

Frozen berries

Dry sparkling wine (I like this Jaume Serra Cristalino Spanish cava.  Please do not use anything cheap and horrible.  Buy a split–a half-bottle–if you’re just making a couple drinks and don’t want to spring for a whole bottle.)

Fill a tall glass with layers of ice cubes, frozen berries, and mint leaves.

Muddle the first three ingredients and the rest of the mint in a cocktail shaker.  Press gently with a muddler or wooden spoon to release the oils in the mint without turning it to a pulp.  Shake with ice and strain into the glass. Top with sparkling wine.

That’s it!  Happy birthday, Helen!

Champagne mojito




  1. I absolutely must have this with my dear friend Helen – Looks so yummy and delicious!

    Thank you for creating such a “Berry” refreshing drink for such a special person ♥

  2. Happy birthday Helen! We’ll definitely mix up some Mojitos Next time you’re out this way!
    Cuzzin Vic

  3. Three cheers for the Mojito! The King of highballs in any season. The “10 cane rum” is new to me and is now added to the wish list along with “Havana Club”. Purists may disagree, but rather than the simple sugar I have taken to using agave nectar. I like it, and it adds the healthful qualities of the drink. Thanks for this version.

  4. Ah, mojito-anything is my favorite. I wish it was after 12:00 already so I could run home and whip one (or two!) up. Also can’t wait for my spearmint to actually start sprouting for the season. I checked last weekend but still nothing 🙁